Arik puts 110% into everything he does. Never have I worked with someone so determined and disciplined in his efforts to accomplish the things he sets out to do. I’m always amazed at Arik’s ability to architect solutions that take into account all the unforeseen variables of any project. I’ve had the pleasure of managing him and working alongside him at my current and previous positions. Arik is great team member and leader and would be a great asset to any company.

David ThanManager, Walt Disney Studios

Arik is an extremely focused and productive engineer. A consummate professional that demonstrated both back end and front end software development skills. He was independent and delivered a high quality product with limited direction. Arik is highly recommended and would be an asset on any development team.

Simon Boyce-MaynardMobileForming, Platform Services Lead

I worked with Arik on a priority 1 data migration project that required the development of a system to accurately resolve large volumes of video metadata on an automated basis. In addition to having a true knack and enthusiasm for wrangling data, I found Arik to be exceptionally proactive and open to new ideas, a true leader as well as an extremely solid developer. He is smart and thoughtful, but also not afraid to roll up his sleeves and push things through, which are exactly the qualities I look for in a developer.

Carlo BrooksMGO.COM

Arik is simply the best software engineer and architect I had the privilege to work with. During our military service at the Israel Defense Forces, Arik and I led an innovative solution, a first of its kind system. Arik led all the design and development processes that were completed ahead of schedule, with a quality level that exceeded all expectations. The technological challenges Arik needed to face with were countless – But if you are looking for someone to solve a challenging technology problem – Arik is the one! Arik is defiantly the most innovative software engineer I have worked with in the last 15 years and the ideal partner to challenge the world with.

Lior WeizmanOfficer, Israel Defense Force

Arik is the type of engineer any PM would want to work with. Arik not only is a very proficient coder, but he cares about the solutions that he provides. We had presented Arik with a large problem – namely a CMS that needed a major overhaul. Instead of patching up the current solution and making is “passable”, Arik quickly evaluated and prototyped a variety of solutions. He was also able to articulate very clearly the pros and cons of each solution. His passion for his work shows because I’d often come back to work the next day to find that he’s done so much research and development in his own spare time. Add Arik to your team and you won’t just get an amazing programmer, you will get someone that makes everyone around him better as well.

Patrick TannaSr. Project Manager, Sony Pictures Interactive